The Creation, the Garden of Eden and the Origin of the Chinese

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Description Tse Tsan-tai (1872-1938) est un journaliste, érudit et théologien chrétien sino-australien révolutionnaire. Il publie en 1914 The Creation, the Garden of Eden and the Origin of the Chinese dans lequel il explique à partir d’une description géographique de la Bible, de preuves archéologiques et géologiques que le jardin d’Eden était situé en Chine faisant ainsi de la Chine « the Cradle of the Human Race ». Il s’intéresse aussi au peuplement de la Terre après le Déluge notamment à la répartition du territoire entre les trois fils de Noé : Sem, Cham et Japhet.
Auteur Tse Tsan-tai
Date 1914
Éditeur Hongkong : Kelly and Walsh
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For many years, ever since the day I could read and understand the bible, the question of the Cradle of the Human Race and the Origin of the Chinese has been receiving my fervent and serious attention. Although I have read much ancient history, and carefully considered and weighed the theories of different writers, and studied the resultats of the archaeological and geographical investigations and exactions which have been made in all parts of the world, they have been made in all parts of the world, they have not been able to convince me that the Cradle of the Human Race is in either of the two spots in Armenia and the Euphrates Valley, as stated in the bible translation of Genesis and fixed by past authorities, and as is generally taught and believed by mankind throughout the world

This has always caused me much worry of mind and anxiety of heart.

And, during my study of the Bible and Ancient Chinese History, on Sunday the 25th October, 1914, I discovered a clue to the unravelling of the mystery, and it suddenly dawned upon me, like a flash of light, that the Cradle of the Human Race was not where it is now reputed and believed to be, but, in Chinese Turkestan in the plateau of Eastern Asia, and also that the Chinese race originated there. I felt so happy and delighted with my discovery, that I immediately followed up the clue, and commenced writing this, my book, and forgetting food and sleep, finished the draft at 8 a.m., on Wednesday, the 28th October, 1914,when the thunder pealed and the lightning flashed. The revision and re-writing of my book was completed after seven days and seven nights ceaseless labour, on the Ist November, 1914, after which, I rested for three days. I know that without God’s inspiration and help, it would  have been impossible for me to write this book as I have done. *

It is now my earnest hope and prayer that archaeological and bibliographical investigations will be carried on in this part of the world, and trhat the result will be, as I have said.

And, further, I fervently bessech all thoqse, who think with me, to spread the good todongs contained in this, my book, so that, henceforth, all men will believe in the bible and love each other as brothers : and peace and happiness shall reign for ever on Earth.

The Garden of Edebn and the Cradle of the Human Race

The Garden of Eden and the Cradle of the Human Race. THE Cradle of the Human Race and the origin of the Chinese have been questions which have engrossed the attention of ethnographers and philologists for centuries, but without their having arrived at anything definite and conclusive. I, too, have devoted my* life-time to the study and silent investigation of this great and highly important question. That the Cradle of the Human Race is in Asia is beyond doubt, but, the question is—Where is this Cradle ? The Bible translation of Genesis says that the parent stock of the human race saw the light in the " Garden of Eden" in the Euphrates Valley. Archasologists and bibliographers have also located the Garden of Eden in (i) Armenia, and in (2) the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, comprising that portion of the Mesopotamian Plain at the head of the Persian Gulf. Is it likely that Almighty God would create man and place him in such a corner of the World? I say the Cradle of the Human Race—"The Garden of Eden"—is in Chinese Turkestan in the plateau of Eastern Asia, and I will now state my reasons.

When the north of the Asiatic Continent was not so cold and frozen as it is at the present day, and when gigantic beasts, reptiles, and strange birds roamed its vast plains and inhabited its dense forests, the primitive ancestors of the human race were created and first saw the light in that crescent-shaped oasis of the plateau of Eastern Asia drained by the tributaries of the Tarim River, bounded on the north by the Tien-shan Mountains on the west by the Pamir Tableland, on the south by the Kuen Lun Mountains, (|ij %) and the highlands of Tibet, and on the East by the Gobi desert, and Chinese Turkestan (§§ sf)~ No doubt, the close proximity of Tibet to the "Garden of Eden," accounts for the similarity of the religious ceremonies of the Tibetan Buddhistic "Church " to those of the Roman Catholic Church, which must have sprung from the same source. The following Bible proofs support my discovery:— [Genesis 11. 8. "God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there He put the man whom He had formed."] And, further, — [Genesis 11. 10. " And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads."] Gold and precious stones are also mentioned in Genesis 11. 11-12. This soot, "eastward in Eden," must, therefore, be in Eastern Asia, and this is one of my principal reasons for locating the "Garden of Eden" in Chinese Turkestan.

And, what is more convincing proof, the river Tarim, with its four tributaries or "heads," flows eastward through the crescent-shaped oasis of Chinese Turkestan, and empties itself into the Lob-nor (lake); and the country traversed by this river and its four tributaries is well known to be full of gold and precious stones. The bed of the Yarkand River is covered with precious jade pebbles of different colours, and some of the mountain sides also contain jade of various colours, which have been quarried in ancient times. According to the Ancient Chinese Record of the Deluge, the stones quarried by Noah, after the Deluge, were of five different colours from the Tienshan Mountains. It is noteworthy that Chaldea and Mesopotamia produced no precious stones or minerals of any kind. But, the country yielded an abundant supply of clay and bitumen! the following proves beyond doubt, that the "Garden of Eden,"—the Cradle of the Human Race, —was not in Western Asia (Asia Minor): — [Genesis XI. 1-2. "And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the East, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there."] It would be interesting to know whether this land of Shinar was in the Mongolian plain north of the Hwang Ho (Yellow River) bend, or refers to the lowlands of Shensi (2§ssJ) province in China, where the ancestors of the Chinese race first settled down and made their home.

After the Flood, the sons of Noah must have journeyed further East in the direction of the Mongolian plateau, and finally settled in the plain of Shinar (China), where they started making bricks for the building of the "Tower of Babel." They probably traversed the same stretch of territory as the Chinese of the Ham dynasty,—who conquered Turkestan in 76 B. C, —with the exception of what is now known as China proper. [Genesis XI. 3. 4. "And they said one to another, go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. And they said, go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth."] Ancient ruins exist in the province of Shensi strange to say, China is the land of bricks, high towers (pagodas), and strange dialects. [The Tower of Babel was built by Nemrod, the son of Chus, a nephew about three score years after the Flood. He began a new sect of infidels, but the godly men refused to join these infidels. God confounded them, and they were separated into many nations, about 140 years after the Flood, (Genesis XL 8. 9.) After Nemrod, his son Belus reigned in Babylon about B. C. 1871, 215 years after the Flood.]



Therefore, I say, again, the " Garden of Eden," —the Cradle of the Human Race, —is in Chinese Turkestan. And, consequently, it will now be necessary to revise the translation of the Hebrew Text of the Bible, and certain " additions" (translator's) will have to be expurgated. And, also, it will be necessary to revise Ancient History, and particularly China's Ancient History, as names and dates are so confused. Noah must have lived near Eden at the time of the Deluge, and this I will prove by the Ancient Chinese Record of the Deluge, and by subsequent geological, archaeological, geographical, and zoological discoveries. In order to prove that the Chinese are the descendants of Adam and Noah, I will now give a brief history of the Ancient Chinese Record of the Creation and the Deluge. THE CREATION. According to ancient Chinese tradition and the written records of the Creation and the Deluge, which have been handed down from time immemorial, the story is as follows. In the beginning, when Heaven and Earth were created (by God) Panku (Adam) was changed into a male and a female [According to Genesis 11. 21.22., the first woman was made from one of the ribs of Adam.] The Firmament (Heaven) assumed the position of that of the white of an egg The Earth assumed the position of that of the yolk of an egg. (Genesis I. 1 —10). The Five Elements (the Earth, brought forth all living things, i.e., all living things were created by God. [ln the beginning God created Heaven and Earth, and all living things therejmin six days, man being created in the seventh and last day. (Genesis I). The six " days " of the creation must have been six "periods," meaning, perhaps, millions of years.] The Three Lights (Sun (0), Moon and Stars (J§|) revolved in space (—the limitless space contained in the six points, viz., North, South, East, West, Zenith and Nadir, — i.e., God created the Sun, Moon and Stars, and set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth. (Genesis I. 16 —17.)



  1. Adam.
  2. Cain.
  3. Seth. (HA)

Adam had twelve "successors" [The generations from Adam to Noah are: —Seth, Enos, Cainan, Malaleel, Jared, Henoch, Mathusala, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Ham and Japhet, —twelve in all.] [Adam was created by God, and this is why the Chinese called him "Tien Hwang" (JH had eleverf successors His generations are those without notice of the time, when they were born or died. [Cain was a husbandman. (Genesis IV. 2.) This is why the Chinese called him "Ti Hwang". Being a murderer, his generations are unnoticed and forgotten.]. Seth (Jl \) and his eight successors (Enos, Cainan, Malaleel, Jared, Henoch, Mathusala, Lamech, Noah.) Nine in all. [Seth peopled the Earth, and this is why the Chinese called him "Jen Hwang"


JWere most long-lived. [All were nearly one thousand years old, when they died. See Genesis V.] Each lived to eighteen thousand "years,"  [lt is not known how many days or months constituted one of these "years" (Jfc), as there was no calendar in existence then.] Each established a tribe or nation. ' j£ am ar "d Seth's descendants must have inhabited the whole district, now known as the Gobi Desert and Mongolian plateau to the east of the Tarim River district ("Garden of Eden") of Chinese Turkestan, and north of the Hwang Ho River.] [See Genesis 111. 24. "So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the Garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."] They separated and occupied nine continents, and flourished and spread throughout the World. [At the time of the Creation there were certainly nine continents in existence, viz., 7. Europe Inhabited by primitive man before the Deluge. 2. Asia—lnhabited by primitive man before the Deluge. 3. Africa—lnhabited by primitive man before the Deluge.

N. and S. America (2 Continents) —In- by primitive man before the Deluge. 5. Australia —Inhabited by primitive man before the Deluge. 6. N. Polar Continent Inhabited by primitive man before the Deluge. 7. S. Polar Continent Uninhabited from the time of the Creation. 8. Malayasian Continent —Inhabited by primitive man before the Deluge. P. Polynesian Continent Inhabited by primitive man before the Deluge. 10. "Atlantis" (?) —Inhabited by primitive man before the Deluge. The nine continents were originally connected with each other, and, therefore, became inhabited by primitive man. The South Polar Continent being an island and separated by a wide expanse of ocean, primitive man had no means of reaching it, and, therefore, it has remained uninhabited up to the present day. Some of these continents must have become submerged at the time of the Deluge, and this accounts for the bones of extinct animals, and primitiveinan being found in the geological the different continents of the World. And, it is possible that there were further seismic disturbances and after the Deluge. Easter Island with its rude stone statues, and stone houses with interiors bearing paintings of of birds, animals, etc., are the remains of one of these submerged continents.]

THE BEGINNING OF CIVILIZATION. At the time of Yu Chao (Shi) & Men ate fruits and plants as food. Wood was used for making huts. m n ft m u Leaves of trees were patched together and used for clothing. Sui Jen (Shi) invented the process of cooking. He obtained fire by fiicticn fiom the drilling or rubbing of wood. # #f £ £ * Drinking and eating was now a convenient matter. He invented knotted cord-symbols for recording events. It is difficult to fix the date of these inventions. THE RECORD OF THE FIVE PATRIARCHS OF CHINA. 7. Born B. C. 3382, " Died "B. C. 3017. (Translated to Heaven.) 2. Nil Wa-(Noah) Born B. C. 2948, Died B. C. 1998- 3. Shen Nung-(Shem)— Born B - C 2448, Died B. C. 1848. 4. Hwang Born B. C. 2346, Died B. C. 1908. 5. Yao Born B. C. 2217, Died B. C. 1978. Note. —In Ancient Chinese History, full notice was only taken of godly men. I.—FUHI (HENOCH). Fuhi i.e., Henoch, "ruled." His godliness was "overflowing." His body was scaly like a snake, and his head was like that of an ox, i.e., his eyes were large and his forehead and facial bones prominent. His mien was extraordinary in appearance. He ordered Tsong Chi to design a script. The generations which followed derived their Alphabets and Literature from this (hieroglyphic) script. [He was guided in his task by the imprints of the feet of animals and birds. (See Commentary). The Assyrian Cuneiform Script was doubtless based upon these ancient hieroglyphics.] A drawing of the river (Hwang Ho) revealed the form of the dragon and the horse to him.

THE DELUGE [This is how Chinese Art originated. The dragon must have been one of those gigantic, extinct, four-footed, antediluvian reptiles of Northern Asia and America.] « He designed the "Eight Trigrams" and knew life, i.e., he was able to divine. [Genesis V. 24. And Henoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.] He legalized marriage, the skins of wild animals being used for betrothal purposes. He taught the people how to rear horses, oxen, pigs, and sheep for purposes of trade and for food. [lt is a noteworthy fact that these animals are frequently mentioned in the Bible, and, besides, the Central-Asian plateau is known to be the home of the wild ancestors of several of our domestic animals, viz., the wild horse, ox, camel, donkey, goat, sheep, pig, etc.] THE DELUGE. TUBAL-CAIN. During the time of Chu Yung Kung Kung (Shi) i.e., (Tubal-cain), the land was disturbed by violence and internecine strife. [Tubal-cain was an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron. The characters mean artificers in all trades. (See Genesis IV. 22.)]

Men became exceedingly incensed with each other. And, there was 'great wickedness (in the World). God became alarmed, and angry (with the World.) (He visited his wrath upon the Earth by a great universal and terrestrial upheaval). The * pillars of Tienshan collapsed and fell, and great chasms formed in the earth. (This resulted in the Deluge.) Genesis VI—NU WA'(NOAH) Nu Wa (Shi) i.e., Noah "ruled." He (after the subsidence of the waters, which had deluged the land), quarried stones for the repair of Tienshan i.e., the repairing or damming up of the mouth of Gaib gorge. Having cut the foot of the gorge and strengthened the foundations, the safety of the land was secured Having dammed and trained the waters of the channels, the locality of Tienshan resumed its former state.

He had fifteen successors, but it is difficult to trace their history. (Genesis IX.) (The generations of Noah, and his three sons Shem, Ham and Japhet, are as follows: — Sons of \ *® -* [ : ~ Shem, Ham, and Japhet. (Noah J Japhet: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Thubal, Mosoch, and Thiras. Ham:—Chus, Mesraim, Phut, and Canaan ( Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Aram, Hus, Hul, { Shem j (Gether, Mosch. ( Arphaxad j { Heber (Ancestor of 1 Sale )' (the Hebrew nation.) !Phaleg(ln his days the Earth was divided.) Jectan (Ancestor of the Japanese nation.) The fifteen generations of Noah and Shem in the direct line, are as follows : — i.e., Shem, Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud, Aram, Hus, Hul, Gether, Mosoch, Sale, Heber, Phaleg, Jectan, and Reu —fifteen in all. The Continent of Asia was named after Asshur. The Chinese Record of Ta Yii the "Flood" is, now, quite clear. He merely drained that portion of the basin of the Hwang Ho, which had been devastated by one of those terrible floods for which this river is famous. It is noteworthy that the portion of this river in Shensi (]J§[J&) and Shansi (BSU-P nas ***** tributaries, which are referred to in Chinese History. At the time of the Deluge, Noah was 600 years old, and Shem 100 years.l The Chinese Record of the Creation and the Deluge from Adam to Noah ends here. [lt appears that all the Chinese commentators have failed to decipher the true meaning of much of this Ancient Chinese Record of the Creation and the Flood. And, not being able to understand, they allowed their imagination to run riot. The Chinese, commentators made a great mistake in believing that Nii Wa (Shi) was a woman and the consort or sister of Fuhi, and an imaginary female deity! This is why this particular portion of China's ancient history is so confused and vague, and why dates are in disagreement with those of the Bible. Disregarding all the mythical and fictitious portions of these ancient commentaries of the Creation and the Flood, it is noteworthy that the main chronological facts agree with the more important events of the Creation and the Flood as recorded in the Bible. Now, this terrestrial and universal upheaval, which is mentioned in the Chinese

Record of the Creation, and the Deluge, must have altered the beds of seas and rivers, and caused continents to rise and fall, resulting in a deluge (tidal wave), which flooded the whole world, and turned that portion of the East-Asian plateau, now known as the Gobi Desert, and Chinese Turkestan, into a vast Inland Sea. It is impossible for rain itself to submerge the whole earth, because only a percentage of the water that is evaporated by the sun returns to the earth again as rain. This is one of the reasons why scientists and geologists doubt the truth of the Bible story of the Creation and the Deluge. This mighty upheaval may have been due to some seismic disturbance, and to the changing of the" slope of the Earth's axis, perhaps due to upheavals or subsidences of land or to changes in the Sun,—the living and life-giving ball of Radium, —resulting in a tidal wave and the sudden freezing of the northern parts of the continents of Asia and America (N.W.), and the sudden death by freezing or drowning of all those gigantic mammals, saurians, etc., of the antediluvian age. This accounts for mammoths and other extinct animals being found in Siberia under the ice and snow, and quite near the surface of the ground, and for the strong glacial indications, and deposits found in certain parts of the world—the North Polar regions of The Creation.

I firmly believe that at the time of the Creation, and before the Deluge, Pole was in the region of Baffin Bay and North Greenland, and this accounts for the Polar glacial indications found in the N. E. portion of North America, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, and Northern Europe. According to geologists, in no part of the World are evidences of glacial action more extensive or more interesting than in the northern two-thirds of North America. The Labrador peninsula is in the main, a most forbidding and desolate expanse, covered with rocks and precipices, and having a winter far more rigorous and inhospitable than that of Lapland or even Siberia. The northern parts of Siberia show no evidences of Polar glacial action. The whole of West Siberia, between the Alpine belt and the shores of the Arctic Ocean, is an immense lowland. The southern part of these lowlands—the prairies of Ishim, Upper Tobol, and Barata —is extremely fertile. The soil is a thick layer of black earth, which also penetrates into the lower valleys of the Altai, and the traveller finds there (within 16 degrees of the Arctic Circle), to his astonishment, a territory, nearly as large as Great Britain, entirely covered with a luxurious grass vegetation, with masses of deciduous forest, which is even now the granary of Siberia. Labrador is similarly situated in latitude, but, note ( the great difference in geological and climatic conditions. Farther north still begin the tundras, which extend along the Arctic seaboard as far as Kamchatka, and cover an aggregate area of some 450,000 square miles. The soil is alluvial and agricultural, but, owing to the terrible cold of December and January,—ls to 35 degrees below zero, — trees and vegetation are, now, scarce. These are all indisputable proofs that the freezing of Northern Asia has been due to a change in the inclination of the Earth's axis, and the shifting of the position of the North Pole from the north of Greenland to it's present position. As the result of the numerous explorations and archaeological excavations which have been made in Chinese Turkestan, it has been found that the Takla Makan Desert was once an immense lake. Fossils, gravel, sand, chalk grypcea, carboniferous deposits, and " mesozoic and tertiary transgressions" have been found, all indicating that the land was once convulsed by some seismic disturbance, and finally submerged. Ruins of ancient cities abound in the Turfan Oasis, and in the Oases along the Tibet border, and interesting manuscripts have been found written in alphabets unknown to linguists.

What if they are the hieroglyphic script of Tsong Chi Perhaps some of the ancient ruins in the Mongolian Plateau, may yet prove to be those of the City of Enoch built by Cain. [Genesis IV. 16-17. "And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the East of Eden. And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.] Lake Bojante-kul, south west of Lukchun, at the foot of Eastern Tienshan is 5° feet below sea level, and must be one of those subsidences or depressions recorded in the Chinese Record of the Deluge(9 *£ *& % T #rtt f llP 55)- There are other large depressions at the foot of the Tienshan Mountains. Obrucheff has shown that a local subsidence of the rocks took place at Lukchun, along a narrow strip parallel to the Tienshan Mountains. It is noteworthy that earthquakes desolate Central Asia with ever-increasing frequency. The Russian explorer, G. Grum-Grzimailo has also described immense boulders of a fine-grained grey granite, 14 to 17 feet high and 100 feet in circumference, which he found lying at an altitude of 3,200 feet about the mouth of the Gaib gorge, which descends from the Karlyktagh Mountains (12,000 feet) of eastern Tienshan in the N. E. of Hami. The rocks of this gorge consisted, both at this spot and higher up, of quite a different sort of granite and crystalline slates. No doubt, these immense cylindrical boulders of a fine-grained grey granite were the stones quarried by Nti Wa (Shi) (Noah) repairing or damming up the Gaib gorge of Tienshan so as to prevent the flooding of the plateau. Again, it is mentioned that it has on its north-western borders several broad trenches which are cut in it's mass, like gigantic railway trenches leading with an imperceptible gradient from the lowlands to the heights of the plateau, and supposed to be channels for the drainage of the waters discharged by the plateau. And, doubtless, these were also the channels which Nti Wa (Noah) trained and utilized for draining off the waters from the Gaib gorge, and the plateau. ( s*v $* Thus is the authenticity of the Ancient Chinese Record of the Deluge substantiated, and the incidents proved, for all time. THE REAL MOUNT ARARAT. And, again, there are the Sarikol Mountains containing Mustaghata Peak (25,000 feet), which joins the Ulug-art (Ararat?) range of the Tienshan mountains. Close by there is also a range called the Narat Mountains. Mustaghata Peak must, therefore, be the Mount Ararat of the Bible, because it is the highest peak of these mountain ranges. If the Bible story of the Flood is to be believed, how was it possible for Noah in his Ark to survey the submerged Earth from the top of Mount Ararat of Asia Minor?] It is now clear that the Deluge was a real fact. THE RE-PEOPLING OF THE WORLD. After the waters of the Flood had subsided, the descendants of Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham, and Japhet, migrated eastward, in the direction of the Mongolian Plateau, and must have multiplied, and spread in all directions, journeying North, South, East, and West, along routes which offered the least resistence, gravitating to warmer climes, and establishing nations and civilizations distinct from each other, and undergoing changes in colour and features brought about by the temperature and the climatic conditions of their natural surroundings. This, no doubt, is accountable for the universal story of the Deluge, which appears to be the common property of all the races, —savage and civilized,- —of the World. Naturally, the migratory tendency of these tribes was to flee from the cold and arid regions of the North, and to go towards the East, West, and South. The descendants of Shem  established the Chinese, Chaldean, Assyrian, Median, Persian, Babylonian, Hebrew, Lydian, Mongolian, Manchurian (Tunguse), Japanese, Corean, and North and South American Indian nations; and the Yakuts, Voguls, Ostiaks, Samoyeds, and Esquimaux of the North Polar regions, and the Tibetans, Nepaulese, Indians of Northern India, Burmese, Siamese, Annamites, Malays, etc., are, likewise, descended from them, as also the natives of Australasia and Polynesia. And it is a remarkable fact that images resembling Chinese idols have been found in Arkansas (U.S.A.) The descendants of .Ham established the Egyptian, Ethiopian, Hindoo, Arabian, and other kindred nations. The descendants of Japhet established the Modern European nations, whose ancestors did not become thoroughly civilized, until the advent of Jesus Christ. Proof of the great antiquity of the Chinese people is the fact that porcelain vessels, having Chinese mottos upon them, have been discovered in the ancient Egyptian tombs, in shape, material and appearance, exactly resembling those made in China. Rosellini, the great Italian antiquary, believed them to have been imported into Egypt from China bykings who reigned in Egypt about the time of Moses or before. It appears that at the time of the Deluge the human race was only able to record events by knotted cords and the hieroglyphic script of Fuki (Henoch) and Tsong Chi. After the Deluge, the Chinese, owing to their isolation and continuous civilization, succeeded in evolving from the knotted cord-signs and hieroglyphics their present modern script. The ancient Egyptians did not get much beyond their hieroglyphics, and all the other dead nations, and the Mongolians, Manchurians, Hindoos, Turks, Persians, Arabians, Malays, etc., evolved and adopted scripts based upon the ancient hieroglyphics or knotted cord-signs and symbols. While great empires have successively risen and fallen in other parts of the world, China has remained the same for at least five thousand years, surviving all the great nations of Western Asia, Northern Africa, and Europe. China is the only ancient empire which has continued to the present time. Being surrounded by high and massive mountain chains, and extensive deserts, and a wide expanse of ocean, it is no wonder that its existence and civilization remained a mystery to the surrounding nations for so many centuries. China's civilization has existed without change from time immemorial, and before that of the Nile Valley; and, at the time when the Egyptian kings were building their pyramids, China had a settled Government, and was enjoying a high state of civilization.

THE ORIGIN OF THE CHINESE. AND THE RELIGION OF THE CHINESE. The Chinese are the descendents of Shem. Shem (Shen Nung) ( sfr jfe |$ J| ) and his descendants established themselves in the Hwang Ho (Yellow River) basin, where the provinces of Shensi (IS Hfe)< Shansi (lg§|ij), and Honan now stand, thus founding the Chinese nation, and being God's chosen people, He led them into this " Land of Milk and Honey" to thrive and flourish, and to civilize the surrounding barbarous nations. [Genesis IX. 26. And he (Noah, i.e., Nu Wa) said Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.] This accounts for the ancient Chinese reverence and respect for Almighty God, —the Supreme Ruler (ffi h.)—embodied in the word "Tien" i-e., Heaven. This great reverence for Heaven, i.e., God, dates from time immemorial, and can be traced to the earliest records of Chinese History. Confucius, the Heaven-sent Sage and Teacher of China, had always the greatest reverence and respect for Heaven i.e., God, and it has been the same with all the sages and wise men of China, who went before, and who came after him. And, this is why God has protected and preserved the Chinese nation for so many thousands of years. The religion of the ancient Chinese was a pure and unadulterated Theism, similar in every respect to that of the Jews, whose ancestors migrated into Chaldea from China, about B. C. 2.000.

Owing to the favourable position of this chosen land, and the formidability of it's natural surroundings, the Chinese race began to develope and flourish in peace, under the wise and beneficent rule of the Five Patriarchs, and the Emperors of succeeding dynasties, and to evolve a civilization and ethical culture distinctly it's own. lII.—SHEN" NUNG (SHEM.) Shen Nung (Shem) ruled. He was the first to teach farming to the people. m ft n * m He was the first to invent farming implements. Clothing and food were obtained from the mulberry and the fields. [From this we gather that the Chinese were already wearing silk, as deducted from the words "clothing" and " mulberry." Cream coloured silk of the ist Century A.D., from Yen Cheng, Shantung, was found by Sir Aurel Stein in the ruins of Lop N or) — x foot 10 inches wide—of remarkable degree of finish, and proof of the high state of culture and standard of living which existed there at that period. And, further, a specimen discovered near Tun Huang bore a date contemporary with B. C. 94.]

CHINA UNDER THE PATRIARCHS. He personally tasted herbs and plants, and this resulted in a knowledge of medicine, and the cure of sickness. He taught the people how to do business, and introduced weights and measures for the weighing and selling of commercial products. His descendants consisted of eight generations — 525 "years. [i.e. Arphaxad, Sale, Heber, Phaleg, Reu, Sarug, Nachor, Thare. (See Genesis.) It is not known how many days or months constituted one of these "years."] VI.—HWANG TI (ARPHAXAD.) When Hwang Ti (Arphaxad) ruled, all things required for the use of man were practically complete and in existence. & # «a*&f l *& ** it It was then that the feudal lords began to become ambitious for power, and this resulted in war.Chi Yu attempted to rebel, and took advantage of a fog to screen the movements of his army. mm#£& * m # a * Hwang Ti invented a Compass-chariot, and assembling his forces, he advanced south and attacked Chi Yu. Chi Yu was defeated and captured by Hwang Ti and executed at a place called • Hwang Ti Composed a Treatise on Medicine and the Art of Healing, and ever afterwards people were able to diagnose and cure diseases. He used wood for making boats and chariots, thereby enabling the people to travel on water and on land. Ti (Hs;) was the first to invent the abacus and methods of reckoning (Mathematics).

When Hwang Ti was journeying along the Hwang Ho, in the neighbourhood of Loh presented him with a Chart of the stars and a Treatise on Astronomy. He immediately ordered Su Ta Lao to compute a "Cycle of Time." Leng Lin (^fn) invented bamboo instruments for the production of the tones (twelve), and music originated therefrom. Hwang Ti mined for copper for the casting and making of tripods He rode upon a dragon and ascended into the presence of God, i.e., he died at the age of in years. He ruled for ioo years. V.—YAO (REU.) Yao (Reu) was renowned for his benevolence and virtue. He lived in a plain thatched palace with three flights of apartments.

The Ming Keh  plant grew near this palace, and on examining it, Yao was able to know the days of the month. great flood desolated the land for nine years, and Yao ordered Yu to drain off the waters. + Yu remained abroad for thirteen years, and during all this time he never visited his home. He drained morasses and swamps, dredged and conserved the nine tributaries of the Hwang Ho, and caused the waters to flow eastwards. He appointed Yi (jg) to deal with the forests and jungles, and the wild beasts fled and hid themselves. And, henceforth, the people lived in peace and happiness; and they sang, and enjoyed life.

Ta Shun was a farmer of Li Shan Yao learnt of his great ability and learning, and gave him his two daughters in marriage. He also ordered his nine sons to serve Shun, and furnished him with all necessary farming implements and one hundred servants, together with cattle, sheep, and granaries. Yao subsequently invited Shun to the palace, with the object of appointing him to administer the affairs of the country. Yao, becoming old, was unable to carry on the administration of the country, so he abdicated in favour of Shun. Yao ruled for 102 years, and lived to 117 years. But, when Yao died, Shun fled from the locality south of the Hwang Ho (so as not to be in the way of Yao's sons.)

THE ORIGIN OF THE JEWS. However, the people, being deeply grateful to Shun for his beneficent rule, were anxious to become his faithful and loyal subjects. Heaven and the people favoured Shun, and so he became Emperor. Yao in favour of Shun (jgjj), who in turn, abdicated in favour of Yu Yao's grandfather, Chwan Hu Kao Yang (Heber) invented a Calender, and fixed the year and the Four Seasons, but, history records very little about his father Ti Kuh Kao Sin (Phaleg), as the country was then in the enjoyment of peace. This accounts for the Hebrew Record of the Creation and the Deluge being more detailed and accurate than the ancient Chinese Record. It was after and about the year B. C. 2,000, that his great grandson Thare and his family (a small band of nomads) migrated westwards to Chaldea and established the Hebrew nation; and no doubt they were forced to leave China owing to the terribly devastated condition of the Country. Even at the present day there is a Colony of Chinese Jews in Honan

CHINA'S INDIGENOUS CIVILIZATION. Yu (H) journeyed further east to Honan and Shantung, and founded the Empire of the Hsia ( J|) Dynasty (B. C. ?to B. C. 1767.) I have abstained from making long and detailed references to the later rulers and events in Chinese History, as I wish to make my message as brief and as clear as possible. The high morality of China's sages and historians is noteworthy, and is proved by the complete absence of profane and obscene records or references; and Chinese History may be read by children, and the most fastidious persons, without, in any way, hurting their feelings of propriety. CHINA'S INDIGENOUS CIVILIZATION. Having established beyond doubt the real situation of The "Garden of Eden," and the origin of the Chinese, I will now prove that the civilization of China is indigenous, and distinctly different from all other civilizations, ancient and modern. China has influenced other civilizations, but has never been influenced by others. In fact, China and it's institutions have outlived everything else in the World. Writers have, in the past, assumed that the Chinese came originally from the West, probably from the Sumerians of Babylon, believing that the similarity between some of the Sumerian and Chinese roots and hieroglyphics was sufficient proof! This theory is contrary to all the known facts, and as I have already stated and proved, the origin of the Chinese is indigenous to the land now occupied by them. The ancient Chinese hieroglyphics are distinctly Chinese, and the evolution from the hieroglyphic stage to the modern script has been continuous. No other dead nation has possessed a similar script. This is proof that the Chinese script is indigenous and not Sumerian. The Han ( g|) Dynasty (B. C. 206) Historical Bas Reliefs of Fuhi, Shen Nung, Hwang Ti, Yao and Shun illustrate the costumes, head-dress, and foot-wear, etc., of the ancient Chinese, and show that they are purely Chinese, and more refined than the costumes of the Egyptians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. Again, a careful study of the horses, carriages, chariots, etc., are sufficient proof of the high state of China's indigenous civilization at this epoch of her existence as a nation and an Empire. The "Dragon" and the "Phoenix" are also purely Chinese, and no other ancient nation has similar emblematic representations, unless it has been influenced by Chinese civilization. Regarding architecture, China, possesses a style distinctly her own. No other ancient nation possessed architecture anything like that of the UNIVERSAL PEACE. Chinese. The pointed and tapering roofs and upturned eaves, were no doubt copied from the designs of the tents of their nomadic ancestors, and have been tenaciously adhered to throughout the thousands of years of her existence. The artistic and beautiful bronze and iron temples and pavilions (at least, B. C. ioo) on the top of the sacred Taishan mountain of Shantung province are world-famous, and the wonder and admiration of all visitors. China's Art is also indigenous, and distinctly different in conception, style, and execution, from that of the West, and paintings on silk, representing the civilization, architecture, and historical events of two thousand years of her national life, are still in existence. I hope I have, now, also, satisfactorily proved the antiquity of China's indigenous civilization. UNIVERSAL PEACE AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN. The Creation and the Deluge are, now, as clear as day, and, in spite of scientists and geologists trying to prove the contrary, and the support which the Darwinian theory of ''The Origin of Species" and "The Descent of Man" has been accorded, the truth of the Creation and the Deluge has been proved beyond doubt.

THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN. And, now, that the Ancient Chinese Record of the Creation and the Deluge is found to be the same as Genesis, I fervently hope and pray that the whole human race will soon learn to believe in The Bible, and that, henceforth, men will love and treat each other as brothers. In conclusion, I fervently beseech all those, who think with me, to work for the following:— 7. Universal Disarmament. 2. Universal Peace. 3. The protection and civilization of all the weak and savage races of the World. 4. The Brotherhood of Man. And, when the nations and governments of the World have reached a state fit to be Federated, I hope and pray that China will take the lead in turning the "Garden of Eden," in Chinese Turkestan, into an International State, aha that .tire Parliament of Nations will be established there. Then will there be Peace on Earth. The End. "

Appendix. WHY GOD HAS PUNISHED EUROPE. This terrible fratricidal war, which is convulsing and devastating Europe, is not due to trade rivalry, mutual fear of aggression, or the ambition of Kings and Emperors to become supreme in this world. It is the punishment of God for the crimes of Europe. There must be many ungodly men, to-day, who are blaspheming God, and crying out with uplifted hands—" There is no God. If God exists, why should He make the innocent suffer with the guilty, and, why should Europe be made to suffer so much misery ? " God is a just God, and He rewards the good, and punishes the wicked. If the punishment does not come to-day, it will come to-morrow. But, sooner or later, it is bound to come. We should always remember that the crimes ol the father are visited upon his children, and this applies to nations as well as individuals. See Exodus XX. 5-6. " God visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Him. And shows mercy unto those that love Him and keep His Commandments."

The nations of Europe have sinned against God, and broken His Commandments : 7. Thou shalt not kill. 2. Thou shalt not steal. 3. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house or anything that is thy neighbour's. If the Christian nations of Europe believe in the Bible, they must acknowledge that Militarism is a crime against God, and that the savages of the World are their brothers. And, instead of killing and exterminating them in wars of conquest, and robbing them of their possessions,—eventually, leading to fratricidal wars amongst themselves,—it is their duty to educate and civilize them, as the negroes of the Southern States of The United States have been educated and civilized, and to place them on the same plane as themselves. Therefore, the crimes of Kings, governments, and the leaders of men have been visited upon the people, and this is the reason for the punishment which Almighty God has inflicted upon the nations of Europe. It is a terrible warning for the future.