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Wilkinson, Robert “Atlas classica”, RelRace, item créé par Mathilde Plais, dernier accès le 23 Feb. 2024.
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Le cartographe anglais Robert Wilkinson (1768-1825) publie en 1797 un Atlas intitulé Atlas classica being a collection of maps of the countries mentioned by the ancient authors, both sacred and profane with their various subdivisions at different periods. La première série de cartes s’intitule Gegraphia Sacra. Elle est composée d’un ensemble de cartes représentant les différents événements de l’Ancien et du Nouveau Testament ainsi que six tableaux chrono-généalogiques dont voici les titres :

  • The World as Peopled by the descendents of Noah shewing the Countries possded by Sem, Ham and Japhet and their posterity after the confusion of Tongues
  • Canaan or the Land of Promise to Abraham and his posterity
  • The places recorded in the Five Books of Moses
  • Canaan from the time of Joshua to the Babylonish captivity
  • The domination of Salomon and his allies
  • Purveyorships in the Reign of Solomon
  • The land of Moriah or Jerusalem and the adjacent country
  • The countries travelled by the apostles


  • Chrono-genealogical chart of the First Age of the World or the Ante-diluvian patriarchs
  • Chrono-genealogical chart of the Second Age of the World or the Post-diluvian patriarchs from the Deluge to the Call of Abraham : including the foundation of Nations and the Origin of languages
  • Chrono-genealogical chart of the third Age of the world from the Call of Abraham to the Exodus or the Israelites leaving Egypt
  • Chrono-genealogical chart of the fourth Age of the world from the Exodus from Egypt to the dedicating the Temple by Solomon including the Judges and High priests
  • Chrono-genealogical chart of the fifth Age of the world from the Dedicating the Temple by Solomon, to the Babylonish captivity including High Priests, with the Kings of Judah and Israel
  • Chrono-genealogical chart of the sixth Age of the world from the Babylonish captivity to the incarnation of the Messiah including the sovereigns of the Maccabees.
Auteur Robert Wilkinson
Date 1797
Éditeur Londres : Robert Wilkinson
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Extrait de la page introductuive de l’Atlas concernant la première série de cartes :

"The first series under the title of Geographia Sacra, consists of a complete set of Maps peculiarly adapted to elucidate the vents of Sacred history, recorded in the Old and New Testaments, and which point out the situations of almost every place mentioned in the Sacred Volumes : to which are added of Chrono-Genealogical charts, on a new construction, cheering the genealogical descent, and order of time are correctly adhered to, in exhibiting the families of the Patriarchs, Kings, Prophets, Apostles, by whom the countries delineated in the Maps were at first peopled, or afterwards governed, or who bore a principal part in those memorable transactions for which they have been so much celebrated, particularly here will be found, clearly exhibited the Genealogy of our Saviour, traced downward from Adam, both in the paternal and maternal lines, as recorded by the Evangelists Matthew and Luke.”