Moses was rescued by a Negro woman

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Webb, James Morris “Moses was rescued by a Negro woman”, RelRace, item créé par Baptiste Bonnefoy, dernier accès le 1 Mar. 2024.
Contributeur Baptiste Bonnefoy
Sujet Moïse sauvé des eaux par une femme noire
Description Enregistrement d'un sermon du pasteur James M. Webb sur la place des Noirs dans la Bible.
Auteur James Morris Webb
Date 1928
Éditeur Port Washington, Wisconsin : Paramount Records
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Friends, I am appearing before you with a literary, historical and racial sermon. The subject of my sermon will be: “God used a Negro woman to rescue Moses from death.” This sermon is an extract from my book entitled: “The Black Man the Father of Civilization.”

This book is sold throughout the world. I’ll prove this subject by Biblical history. I will admit that it is audacious to state that Negro men and women are quoted in Biblical history. However, the Bible shows that God did use Negro men and women in making Biblical history. Yes, God used Jethro, the black priest of Midian, who was the father-in-law of Moses, who is quoted in Biblical history as the one who gave the first judicial system for the governance of his people. Read Exodus, the 18th chapter, 17th to 23rd verse. Hence Jethro played a part in making Biblical history. God used King Solomon, who was a scribe. He was a black man to write three thousand proverbs and other books of wisdom of the Bible. God used Daniel the prophet, who was born out of a black tribe, to write the Book of Daniel which contained the fall of Babylon, pointed out that a black universal King with woolly hair is coming to rule the world in the last days. Again, God used a black Ethiopian eunuch to rescue Jeremiah the prophet from death in a dungeon.

God also used Negro women. He used that Negro woman to carry the news to Joshua, which enabled him to compass the walls of Jericho, resulting in the defeat of the Canaanites. The Queen of Sheba, the Negro queen, who stands out in Biblical history, was head of a black special train from Africa to King Solomon’s Temple during the dedication of the Temple. She was the honored guest of King Solomon. All these characters about whom I have spoken have made some Biblical history. Friends, I’ll tell the world: they have! I could count more Negro characters in the Bible, but time won’t permit. This black woman is not quoted in – as a Negro woman by historians and commenters, but from the blood standpoint she is a Negro woman. She’s quoted in the Bible as Pharaoh’s daughter. Her father was Egyptian, Egyptians sprang from Mizraim, Mizraim was the son of Ham, Ham was the father of the Negro race. Read Genesis, the 10th chapter and the 6th verse. When that great Day of Judgment comes, and the book of activity of all mankind is read, I imagine that I can hear God saying: “Come forth, oh daughter of Pharaoh, the savior of Moses, the deliverer of slavery. Receive an everlasting blessing for rescuing Moses from death and slavery, for I am God, the creator of all mankind, recognized by me for the service they render to mankind, not by race, blood or color.”