Somebody’s wrong about the Bible

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Webb, James Morris “Somebody’s wrong about the Bible”, RelRace, item créé par Baptiste Bonnefoy, dernier accès le 23 Feb. 2024.
Contributeur Baptiste Bonnefoy
Sujet Les place des Noirs dans la Bible
Description Enregistrement d'un sermon du pasteur James M. Webb sur la place des Noirs dans la Bible.
Auteur James Morris Webb
Date 1928
Éditeur Port Washington, Wisconsin : Paramount Records
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There is somebody wrong about the Bible, and I believe, I believe.

The reason I know there is somebody wrong, crying, Jesus have picked a man,
And in our home in the heaven above, there’s not a church designed by man.

Yes, somebody is certainly wrong about the Bible, tryin’ to say that the sun stands still and the earth moves. The Bible shows that the sun rises, the sun sets. Joshua commanded the sun to stand still. Evidently the sun was moving. The black man has a part in the Bible and the world should know about it. Solomon employed a Negro contractor to build his Temple . Solomon also instructed the contractor to employ Negro workmen on the Temple. The Bible shows that Solomon, the contractor, and also the workmen all had Hamitic blood in their veins. Hence they were Negroes! The Bible shows that the black man was the greatest instrument in God’s plan during the birth of Christ. A decree was issued against the babe of Bethlehem. God used the black man and his land, Africa, as a place of rescue for his son Jesus Christ to be rocked in the black man’s cradle, two years of his infancy. When Jesus was carrying the rugged cross of the sins of the world upon his shoulder, up Calvary, God used a black man to assist Jesus with the cross. The service which the black man has rendered to mankind ought to be preached, especially so since it is part of Biblical history.

Some Christians think they are sent from God, but they only preach from their minds,
Yet the Bible says: “He whom God seeks, will surely preach God’s word.”
While Jesus was eating His last Passover, and a virgin He did meet,
He put off His garments and girded himself, and He washed the disciples’ feet.