An Old American Story

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news, Gold Hill daily “An Old American Story”, RelRace, item créé par Baptiste Bonnefoy, dernier accès le 24 June 2024.
Contributeur Baptiste Bonnefoy
Sujet La "race blanche", issue d'une malédiction divine ?
Description Cet article de presse paru dans une petite ville minière du Nevada, tourne en ridicule le prétendu récit d'un prêcheur afro-américain selon lequel la race blanche serait le signe d'une malédiction divine.
Auteur Gold Hill daily news
Date 1868/07/21
Éditeur Nevada, Gold Hill : Gold Hill daily news
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There is an old American story that a poor black preacher once ingeniously connected the origin of the white race with that of sin:

“Den de Lord come to Addum an’ he say, ‘Addum, where art dou?’ And Addum say nuffin, but went and gone and hid. Den de Lord come wid tunder an’ lightnin’ and cry, ‘Addum, where art dou?’ An’ Addum got so fritened dat he turn wite? An’ dat’s the way de wite element first ‘peared in our middest.”

This story has got over to France, and the Opinion “denounces” it humorously to the Cardinal Bonnechase as containing materialistic doctrines incompatible with the teachings of the Church. It tells the story as follows:

In a recently published work, Dr. Smith, of America, declares that blackness is the normal condition of mankind. ‘It is only by depravation,’ says he, ‘that a portion of mankind has become white.’ Eve and Adam were made negroes by the Creator, but having eaten the apple they grew pale with fear and turned white.

Mr. Smith, says the Opinion, forgets to add that their hair at the time stood upon their heads – which accounts for their being decrepes – or as an American would say, for having the kink taken out.