Origin of the colored race

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Franklin's paper the statesman “Origin of the colored race”, RelRace, item créé par Baptiste Bonnefoy, dernier accès le 16 July 2024.
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Sujet Les origines des "races colorées"
Description Cet article d'un journal afro-américain de Denver (Colorado) met en avant la théologie de Joseph Wentworth Jarvis, né à Antigua et pasteur de l'A.M.E. Church à Pontiac (Michigan).
Auteur Franklin's paper the statesman
Date 1911/09/16
Éditeur Denver, Colorado : Franklin's paper the statesman
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Pontiac, Mich. – The Rev. J. W. Jarvis , S. T. B. who has given considerable thought to the origin, progress and development of the various races of the world along many lines, writes the
following article concerning legislation against intermarriage between white and colored persons. For the benefit of those who rejoice in the destruction of personal privilege as to one marrying the person of his choice he says:

“We pen the following historical research and will heartily welcome discussions from theologians and historians on the subject. The Greek for man is anthropos, and the Scriptures declare that ‘God made of one blood all nations.’ That includes individuals and takes in Ethiopians, and we assert that they are susceptible to all the qualities and changes of any other race and are endowed with the same ego as the Caucasian or any other race of people wherever found.

Here are some original Biblical facts: The sons of Ham were Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Canaan. The word Ham means heat, brownness. We note that these settled in Africa and Arabia, and the principal nations springing from them were the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites.

Nimrod, the son of Cush, founded Babylon B. C. 2245, and Asshur founded Nineveh about the same year. Mizraim, the grandson of Ham, leads colonies into Egypt and founded an empire that lasted 1.663 years. The ancient pharaohs boasted of their lineage. Their first kings were Mizraim, Athokes, Busiris, Osymandyas. The shepherd kings, Pharaoh, Syphoas, Memmon, the inventor of letters; Amenophis I. and Potiphar. Seba is located near Ethiopia (Isaiah xiv, 14)
and is now known as the Sudan. This country knew the use of rides before Columbus sailed for the west.

Other sons of Cush formed a line of settlement along the shores of Arabia from the vicinity of Yemen to the head of the Persian gulf. At the head of the Persian gulf is Babylonia or the land of Shinar.

From Casiuhim of Mizraim came the Philistines from the land of Palestine. The border of the Canaanites was from Zidon to Gerar. Sidon was the first son of Canaan, whence the Zidonians. The Zidonians founded Tyre, five miles down the coast. From Tyre a colony went forth and founded Carthage on the northern point of Africa. They built up an empire that extended from the strait of Gibraltar to the altars of Philani, near the great Syrtis. They possessed as provinces Sardinia, the Balearic islands, Malta, settlements in Spain and Gaul and a part of Sicily. For 400 years Carthage rivaled Rome.

Ishmael, the son of Abram by Hagar, marries an Egyptian, from whence the Japanese and the Chinese are other offshoots. Esau marries a Canaanite, Adah, and Bathshemash, Ishmael's daughter, the latter accountable for the Chinese and the former the Indians, who are Edomites. Judah marries Shuat. a Canaanite, of which tribe and lineage came Christ. Joseph marries Aseneth, an Egyptian. Moses marries an Ethiopian.

David begat Solomon of Bathsheba, a Canaanite. Solomon begets King Menelik I. of Abyssinia by the Queen of Sheba (tradition).

We now say to our critics that we are not an undesirable people nor that barbaric night is behind us, for the research made and given is a matter of history, to he traced by any who desire the information. And it ought to be an inspiration to our cowardly race leaders who dare not speak, who stifle the consciences for so called popularity. Be men. and whatever your personal views on intermarriage may be do not let that allow you to sell your civil privileges and rights for a mess of pottage. Remember that we glory in this great race of kings and queens, like those recently deposed in Madagascar and the Hawaiian Islands, of emperors like Soloque and De Saline, of statesmen and generals like Hannibal and Toussaint l’Ouverture and Frederick Douglass, of educators like Washington, Bowen, Kelly. Miller, etc.; of legal lights like Lewis, Terrell, Stroker, etc.; of great bishops, not only Protestant, but also Catholic.

Last, but not least, the command to Israel against intermarriage was not a racial one, but rather from a religious viewpoint, lest he be contaminated and return to be the opposite of the Divine
plan, for we think it is very clear that all along the line they did intermarry.

Let us stand together; let us live and work together. The Japs, Chinese and Indians belong to us, and the day that there is a gathering together, a greater sound than perhaps the valley of dry bones, we may have to fight, if not with gun and sword, with tongue and pen. Up, ye mighty men, and let not the curse of Meroz rest on you! And, though we die in the struggle, yet from our grave the echo will come, ‘Dulce et decorum est por Frater Mori.’”