The Selling of Joseph. A memorial

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Sewall, Samuel “The Selling of Joseph. A memorial”, RelRace, item créé par Mathilde Plais, dernier accès le 29 Jan. 2023.
Contributeur Mathilde Plais
Sujet Les Maures sont-ils condamnés à l'esclavage ?
Description Dans cet essai, le juge Samuel Sewall s'efforce de réfuter la "Malédiction de Cham" dont il offre un témoignage indirect de la diffusion, en réintroduisant Canaan.
Auteur Samuel Sewall
Date 1700
Éditeur Boston : Bartholomew Green, and John Allen
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These Blackamores are of the Posterity of Cham, and therefore areunder the Curse of Slavery. Gen. 9.25, 26, 27.
Answ. Of all Offices, one would not begg this ; viz. Uncall’d for, to be an Execu-tioner of the Vindictive Wrath of God ; the extent and duration of which is tous uncertain. If this ever was a Commission ; How do we know but that it is long since out of date ? Many have found it to their Cost, that a Prophetical Denunci-ation of Judgment against a Person or People, would not warrant them to inflict that evil. If it would, Haz ael might justify himself in all he did against his Master, andthe Israelites, from 2 Kings 8. 10, 12.

But it is possible that by cursory reading, this Text may have been mistaken. ForCanaan is the Person Cursed three times over, without the mentioning of Cham. Good Expositors suppose the Curse entailed on him, and that this Prophesie was accom-plished in the Extirpation of the Canaanites, and in the Servitude of the Gibeonites, Vide Pareum. Whereas the Blackmores are not descended of Canaan, but of Cush.Psal. 68. 31. Princes shall come out of Egypt [ Mizraim ] Ethopia [ Cush ] shall soonstretch out her hands unto God. Under which Names, all Africa may be compre-hended ; and the Promised Conversion ought to be prayed for. Jer. 13, 23. Can theEthiopian change his skin ? This shews that Black Men are the Posterity of Cush : Whotime out of mind have been distinguished by their Colour. And for want of thetrue, Ovid assigns a fabulous cause of it.