Two Lectures on the Natural History of the Caucasian and Negro Races

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Nott, Josiah C. “Two Lectures on the Natural History of the Caucasian and Negro Races”, RelRace, item créé par Mathilde Plais, dernier accès le 29 Feb. 2024.
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Sujet Le polygénisme contre la malédiction de Cham
Description L’anthropologue Josiah C.Nott publie en 1844 Two Lectures on the Natural History of the Caucasian and Negro Races. Il explique que l’humanité a plusieurs origines en faisant fait glisser l’argument biblique vers des présupposés biologiques qu’il juge plus solide.
Auteur Josiah C. Nott
Date 1844
Éditeur Mobile : Dade and Thompson
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(p.12-13) In the allotment of territories to the offspring of Noah, Egypt was given as an inheritance to Mizraim, the son of Ham. He must have proceded with his companions from the banks of the Euphrates, along the borders of the Mediteranean, and across the Isthmus of Suez, to his point of destination, as lower Egypt, near the mouth of the Nile was most easy of access, and the most fertile country, it is reasonable to suppose that here there first settlement was made. Mizraim being a descendant of Noah, was of course a Caucasian.

Shem and Ham were twin brothers, the word Shem, means white, and Ham, means dark, or swarthy but not black. It is probably therefore, that there was the same difference between them, that we often see between brothers here. Many have supposed Ham to be progenitor of the negro race. There was no curse upon him, and there is nothing in the Bible which induces such as a belief; but this point is settled by the fact which I shall prove, that the Egyptians were not negroes.

The curse of heaven fell upon Canaan, but we have no reason to believe that the curse was a physical one. Canaan too, took possession of Palestine, and not any part of Africa, and his descendants were Caucasians.


(p.16) Positive historical facts provo too, that Egypt has been conquered in early times by various inferior tribes, and the blood of her people adulterated. Besides the conquest of the Hykshos, the Ethiopians, Persians and others, she has more recently been conquered by the Greeks, the Romans and Turks.

But even the pure bloof of Greece and Rome could not wash out the black stain, both moral ans physical, which she has received.

Naturalits have strangely overlooked the effects of mixing races, when the illustrations drawn from the crossing of animals peak so plainly man physically is, but an animal at last, with the same physiological laws which govern others.

This adulteration of blood od the reason why Egypt and the Barbary States never can again rise, until the present races are exterminated, and the Caucasian substituted.

Wherever in the history of the world the inferior races have conquered and mixed in with the Caucasian, the latter have into barbarism. 


(p.25) The difference to an Anatomist, between the Bushman or Negro and the Caucasian, is greater than the difference in the skeletons of the Wolf, Dog and Hyena, which are allowed to be distinct species, or the Tiger and Panther.