The Begining of Christianity

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Drew), Noble Drew Ali (Thimothy “The Begining of Christianity”, RelRace, item créé par Vincent Vilmain, dernier accès le 23 May 2024.
Contributeur Vincent Vilmain
Sujet Jésus était africain
Description Chapitre 46 du Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America : [circle] 7
Auteur Noble Drew Ali (Thimothy Drew)
Éditeur Newark, New Jersey : The Moorish Science Temple of America
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The Beginning of Christianity

1. The foundation of Christianity began in Rome. The Roman nations founded the first Church, of whom crucified Jesus of Nazareth for seeking to redeem His people from under the Roman yoke and law.

2. Jesus himself was of the true blood of the ancient Canaanites and Moabites and the inhabitants of Africa.

3. Seeking to redeem His people in those days from the pressure of the pale skin nations of Europe, Rome crucified Him according to their law.

4. Then Europe had peace for a long time until Mohammed the First came upon the scene and fulfilled the works of Jesus of Nazareth.

5. The holy teaching of Jesus was to the common people, to redeem them from under the great pressure of the hands of the unjust. That the rulers and the rich would not oppress the poor. Also that the lion and the lamb may lay down together and neither would be harmed when morning came.

6. These teachings were not accepted by the rulers, neither by the rich; because they loved the principles of the ten commandments.

7. Through the ten commandments the rulers and the rich live, while the poor suffer and die.

8. The lamb is the poor people, the lion is the rulers and the rich, and through Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice all men are one and equal to seek their own destiny; and to worship under their own vine and fig tree. After the principles of the holy and divine laws of their forefathers.

9. All nations of the earth in these modern days are seeking peace, but there is but one true and divine way that peace may be obtained in these days, and it is through Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice being taught universally to all nations, in all lands.