Was Moses’ s Wife a Negress ?

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Contributeur Baptiste Bonnefoy
Sujet De quelle "race" est Séphora, la femme de Moïse ?
Auteur Anonyme
Date 1891/04/29
Éditeur Yorkville, SC : Yorkville enquirer
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Was Moses’s wife a negress? The only authority for such a supposition is found in the first verse of the twelfth chapter of the book of Numbers, which reads: “And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman he had married; for he had married an Ethiopian woman.”
On the margin of the Bible the above passage is explained in this wise: “Because of the Cushite woman he had married.”
A well-known commentator, writing in regard to this peculiar rendering of the verse and chapter above named, says:
“The person mentioned in the verse may have been an Ethiopian wife taken after the death of Zipporah, or the ‘Ethiopian Princess’ of Josephus; or it may have been Zipporah herself, which is rendered probable by the juxtaposition of Cushan with Midian.” The above are the best interpretations of the text which the editor of “Notes for the Curious” has been able to find, therefore they are given as the only reason for supposing that the wife of Moses, the law giver, was the ancestress of Topsy and Uncle Tom. – St. Louis Republic.